“How ARE you?”

By that I mean: How are you feeling? Both physically AND mentally? On a scale from “barely hanging in” to “right as rain”? You don’t have to tell me. But I do want you to check in with yourself. And if – as with most of us – things are not going swimmingly, I want to you think about what to do about it.

When you take a class with me, I start by asking how you are doing. And I do want to know. But more than that, I want YOU to check in with your body and your soul on a regular basis so you can monitor and adjust.

Now, you’d think that with all of that and as someone who a living with this sort of thing, I’d have it down pat. Alas, you’d be wrong. While I have tried to cultivate healthy habits for body and mind for the most part, I’m (no surprise there!) as human as everyone else. And that means I have to be reminded to keep checking in with myself.

Let me pull back the curtain on this week a little bit: I’d been keeping up my spirits for the most part during this pandemic and these crazy times we live in. I pivoted and did the things you’re supposed to do – take your business virtual, set up booking systems, post more online, be there for everyone … and BOOM!, I stepped right into a trap of my own making. And you know what? I couldn’t see it. Because I was too caught up in it all. I was working pretty much all the time. And I didn’t notice because it consisted of so many DIFFERENT things. (Sound famliar? I bet you have your own version of this story to tell!)

So I started cutting back on my own workouts, on the things I love to do and just feel into a hole mid-week. Everything seemed bleak and hopeless and I just wanted to curl up in a grouchy ball of self-pity.

Luckily, I had a check-in with a MovNat trainer I’ve been working with for a certification (currently on hold), so that wasn‘t an option. I THOUGHT I’d want to talk about the programming. But when we got talking, he immediately pinpointed the issue: I wasn’t taking proper care of myself. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it, but there it was. And I realized that we all get so deeply into whatever we’re doing, we literally cannot see the proverbial forest for the trees.

So I took his advice: I scheduled in “me time” for the remaining days of the week. I got back on track with my workouts. I read two(!) books. Got a few runs in. And started this blog post – because I really do love writing and communicating!

I was going to write about how to get rid of back pain and how to work from home and all sorts of other things. But this experience made me realize that what we ALL NEED in these trying times is to take care of ourselves. That doesn’t mean being selfish. It just means making sure your needs (and quite a few wants!) are taken care of so you can keep giving to others. Burning out doesn’t do anyone any good – you don’t have to sacrifice yourself. Here are a few ideas.

So what are you doing to take care of yourself? Me, I’ve scheduled “me time” every day throughout June. I’ve revamped my schedule to better suit my needs. And I’m actively thinking about how to relax and determine what I really want and need – and then acting to implement small changes in my life in order to get to where I want to be.

What I didn’t tell you, but you probably know: I already move a lot every day. And that’s what’s kept me going. But are you? Take it from a reluctant scheduling convert – schedule it in! Write down WHEN you are going to walk, run, hike and get your Pilates in! Ideally, you want to schedule something most days of the week so you can hold yourself accountable. Or schedule actual classes, in which case I’ll keep you accountable (in the nicest way)!

Since I set out to help you live your happiest, healthiest life, I put some thought into your schedule while revamping my own. To that end, virtual classes are quick (30 minutes for easy scheduling), frequent (to keep you moving all week long), super-affordable (so you can stick with it on a budget) and never the same (so you can stay motivated). And, of course, effective.

Every class and every session starts with this question: HOW ARE YOU? Because I want to know. So I can help you look after yourself.

More than anything, though, I want to inspire you to check in with yourself and ask yourself “How am I, really?”. Give yourself an honest answer – and then act. Because the quality of your life depends on it.

Much love and see you in the (virtual) studio soon!

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Eva @ Sunroom Pilates

PS Not sure about those online sessions? Here’s a primer on taking an online class – I promise it’s fun!