Eva standing beside the Cadillac trapeze tableHave you been wanting to try an online Pilates class but weren’t sure where to start?

Here’s a quick how-to, it’s simple!

All you really need is …

a laptop, tablet or smartphone and a flat surface.


  • When you sign up for a class, you’ll receive a link to the email address you used to register,  click on it in order to open Zoom to join the class by video at the scheduled time.
  • Any laptop with a camera and audio output, tablet or smartphone will do – although a larger display does make it easier to follow.

Essential comfort…

Although you can follow a class just on a rug or on the floor, a bit more comfort is generally better..

  • Pull out that yoga mat that’s been hiding at the back of your closet – you can even put two of them on top of each other or lay your yoga mat on a carpet or rug. Pilates mats are much softer and more padded.
  • If you’re on a tablet or a smartphone, some kind of holder is a good idea. I won’t list any here because that will vary depending on your device, but feel free to ask for suggestions, I can usually help with that. They’re not very expensive.

Beyond the basics…

If you’re really enjoying this, there’s plenty of room for a few (inexpensive) upgrades. (Note I’m using Amazon links here for simplicity, but you can get these props elsewhere online.)

  • If audio is an issue, a good pair of wireless earbuds will make following the class easier, especially if you have a lot of echo in your room.
  • We do use “props” in some classes, here are three that I use most often:
    1. A long foam roller (36 in): This thing is absolutely magic if you suffer from upper back tightness, have a desk job, spend hours hunched over an instrument etc.
    2. An “Overball“: Slightly deflated, it can work wonders for your mobility, increase awareness, and provide an extra challenge.
    3. A set of “Therabands” (or even just one): We use these to create resistance and assist certain movements, replicating some of the experience you might have on studio equipment such as the Cadillac/Trapeze Table or Reformer. Small, flexible and mighty, these inexpensive tools are incredibly effective.
That’s it! You’re ready for class – I can’t wait to see you there!
Click here to schedule a class and remember to use code “FIRSTCLASSFREE”