Too many hours at our desk wreak all sorts of havoc on our bodies (and our stress levels!). And who hasn’t exclaimed “my neck (or some other body part) is killing me!” after a long workday?

Of course, going from that to saying your job may be “killing” you is a stretch. Then again, you’ve likely heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”. Numerous studies have shown that all that sitting has serious consequences for your health that shouldn’t be taken lightly – and that could, in the long run, actually kill you.


The solution

One way to get around the issue is to use a standing desk and to move more throughout the day. But how, exactly, can you best implement these things?

I’ve presented at several conferences over the past few years on just how to do that and was recently asked to write a guest post on a translation blog summarizing some of the key elements.

If you’re ready to make some changes to your desk and work habits, read on and Get up, stand up … for your health!


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