The spine is where all our movement originates

It’s mid-Novembrer 2020 and, just like everyone else, it’s really hitting me right about now that we’re not going to get out of this pandemic anytime in the near future. Sure, I knew that. I’m a public health and medical nerd and I got laughed at when I said we’d be at 250K deaths in the US by the fall. I so wish I’d been wrong.

But still. There’s knowing and then there’s KNOWING.

So, being a fairly practical-minded person at heart, I thought about what to do.

My conclusion?

Be flexible, adapt and use this time to make changes for the better.

And in that sense, this week has been really amazing. I just started a beginner series and the first week has been an absolute delight – I love nothing more than (re)sparking the joy of movement in my fellow humans!

In that series, I am focusing on conveying some of the basics of good movement without – hopefully – getting all TOO nerdy.

So this week, we focused on two principles: spinal articulation and axial elongation.

Quite a mouthful! Luckily, I have a blog post from 2018 up that gives you an overview of the principles of movement.

(Posts on the individual principles to come soon.)


Why am I telling you all about the spine while I’m musing about what to do with this crazy year?

Because it occurs to me we can apply good old Joseph Pilates’ words about the spine to our lives right now.

What if we replaced the notion of the spine with … our brain? Our psyche? Our behavior? Our attitude? Doesn’t that make perfect sense? Don’t we talk about old people getting stuck in a rut and not adapting to the times?

Maybe those words can help us not only keep our bodies happy FOR life, but also be an inspiration on how to live our lives, especially when the going gets tough:

Be flexible, adapt, and never stop moving.

You’ve got this.