Do you ever find yourself wondering “Why am I so lazy?”

You’re not alone. I can’t tell you how often I hear people say this! And you know what?

NONE of these people are lazy! At all! They’re holding down (sometimes multiple) jobs, going to school on the side, taking care of their families, their communities … they are all AMAZING women and men!

But they do share one trait: They put their OWN wellbeing dead last on the list.

And I know that feeling all too well. But I’m also here to tell you that this is one time where you need to go against your instincts.

You know how on airplanes, they tell you to put your air mask on first before helping the person next to you? Life works the same way. You can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself. But it’s hard to make that commitment because as a hardworking, responsible, social-minded person, you are hardwired to put others’ needs first.

Here’s how to get out of your rut:

  • Find something you really enjoy – stop thinking about what you SHOULD do, and think about what you WANT to do instead. Because let’s face it, if your workout makes you miserable, you are NOT going to stick to it. Try a few options if you’re not sure – and with things like Yoga and Pilates, if you don’t like one class, try a different one to find your “Goldilocks workout”!
  • Enlist a workout buddy – Enlist a friend, your partner, a family member or sign up for private sessions, personal training or a small-group class to find someone to hold you accountable. You’ll find it much easier to stick to your goals if you know someone is waiting for you!
  • Remove obstacles – If your favorite workout is clear across town, chances are, you won’t make it there often. Try virtual sessions for extra convenience or pick something close to you.
  • Make it a habit – Make it a predictable part of your schedule at least 3 times a week (ideally 5-6x week) to build a lifelong habit.
  • Schedule it – no excuses! – Treat your workout like the most important business meeting in the world! Block off that time and treat it as your inviolable “me time”!

Now stop reading and go do it – you won’t get in shape by thinking about moving!

If Snoopy can do it, so can you – how about a Pilates class?


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