Your body needs Pilates. No really, hear me out.

When you think about your body, do you ever think about what your body needs from you? Do you think about movement, physical activity and mobility? Exercise? Stretching? If not, now’s a good time to start.

What we all do

One of my pet peeves about modern culture is that we – women especially, but really most people with a body – tend to think of it only in terms of our bodies serving us. Of how they look. How our body conforms to societal expectations.

The only time we really think about our body is to criticize it (too fat! too skinny! too flabby! too … something!) – or when it’s sending us strong signals in the form of pain. And even then, we tend to just beat it into submission by popping pain pills.

If you ask me, that’s not a sustainable way to live and stay healthy, especially as we get older. And we all do, barring the alternative.

What to do instead

I’d like to suggest an alternative: Think about your body as an integral part of your self. As your friend and partner in crime. Because it’s the only body you’re going to get. And it wants to support you!

So maybe, this weekend, this evening, or whenever you have a bit of time to reflect, think about what your body needs from you. Rest. More intensity. Gentler movement. Deep breathing. Being more active.

The Power of Pilates

Of course, as a Pilates teacher, I’m a bit biased. In my defense, I qualified as a yoga teacher first, way back in 2006. I’ve discovered (super-slow) running. I used to play tennis and tried rowing (like, on the water!) for a bit. I enjoy bodyweight movement, animal flow/MovNat-style activity and even lifting weights. But when it comes down to sheer versatility to provide just about everything a human body needs (except eat and sleep), Pilates is near impossible to beat, especially when you pair the method with the equipment and a highly qualified teacher who listens and keeps learning.

What do you need? Pilates!

I’m trying to make myself post a bit more on social media, so I’m going to just recap what I just put out on Instagram here:

Image of a tear-off post that says "Take what you need". Every tear-off says "Pilates".

Are you getting some Pilates in this week? No? Better make time!

While it may SOUND very one-dimensional, what I love so much about Pilates is how very, very versatile it can be. So much so that, if you wonder what your body needs this week, the likely answer is “Pilates”!

Need a challenging #workout? Pilates can provide that.
Need a gentle #stretch session? Pilates is there for you.
Need to sort out your body after a hard# running or #weightlifting session? Pilates has your back.
Need to work out the kinks from your desk job? Pilates does that, too.
Need to #mobilize your #joints because you have #arthritis? Yup, Pilates does that.
Need to work back up to physical activity after an #injury or #surgery? You guessed it, Pilates.
Need to prehab your body for #THP surgery? Guess what, Pilates.
Need to find a way to work out with #T1D that doesn’t spike your #bloodsugar? Mmh, let me suggest #Pilates.
Working out safely with #osteoporosis? Again, Pilates.
Trouble with #hypermobility, #EDS or #POTS? Pilates holds the key.
Want a workout you can do when you’re 15 and when you’re 95? Yup, Pilates.

And the list goes on.

Are you making time this week to do some Pilates? I sure am!

That’s all for today – I’m planning to write a bit more about all the various ways Pilates can help with those things, but it’ll take a minute as I’ve got a busy teaching schedule and a busy fall ahead.
So if you have questions, book a session, join the Happy Back series, or just send me an email!