You’ve heard of the benefits of Pilates and want to get in on the action, right here in Mt Juliet, TN – but why are private sessions so much more expensive than group classes? And which is right for you?

Private Sessions

In these sessions, you are 1-1 with a trainer (me!) who will develop a workout customized to your needs and goals every time you come into the studio. These are ideal if you are:

  • Just starting out
  • Older
  • Dealing with pain or chronic conditions
  • Less comfortable in a group setting

Group Classes

While group classes can be more cost-effective, they provide less individual attention. These are ideal if you are:

  • Fairly experienced
  • Not injured or in any type of chronic pain
  • The kind of person who thrives on group energy

What I offer

At the moment, I offer 1-1 private sessions in addition to duets (2 people training together) on the equipment. I also regularly offer group mat and “Happy Back” classes, both in person here at the studio (south of Mt Juliet, TN) and online. I plan to acquire new equipment in the coming months and offer small-group reformer classes in the near future – stay tuned.

If you’d like to know more, just drop me a line!