How to choose what’s right for you

You’ve decided you want to try this Pilates thing that everyone including celebrities from Adele to LeBron James are raving about. So you start googling “Pilates near me” or, if you’re local to my area “Pilates Mt Juliet” or “Pilates Nashville”. This yields a huge array of options, styles and price points, each claiming to be the best for you. Yikes! Now what?!

Location, Location, Location

The first thing to look at, as with choosing a gym, is location – unless you’re doing virtual sessions, of course. Are you going to be able to get there on a regular basis?

Private sessions or group classes?

Apart from the difference in cost, how do you choose?

I’ll dive into the details of the pros and cons in a minute, but if you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview.

Benefits of 1-1 Personal Training with Pilates

Yep, private Pilates sessions are not the cheapest thing out there. But they’re extremely effective if you have a good teacher! So let’s dive in to the advantages:

On the plus side:

  • they’re targeted
  • they’re tailored to your exact needs
  • enable you to make quick progress
  • able to accommodate everything from rank beginners to pro athletes
  • provide the (intelligent!) workout you need no matter whether:
    • you have a chronic condition (OA, RA, PSA, fibromyalgia, MS etc.)
    • you’re rehabbing from an injury or surgery
    • you’re prepping for hip surgery
    • you’re an athlete who wants to cross-train
    • you’ve gained some weight and need a joint-safe (and overall safe) space to workout
    • want a totally judgment-free zone
    • are looking for privacy for various reasons
    • want to improve your athletic performance by optimizing movement patterns
    • need to relieve back, shoulder, hip or other types of pain
    • … whatever!
  • they can be scheduled according to your needs
  • you get undivided attention and “eyes on you” – details make a HUGE difference!


  • cost
  • no group dynamic
  • not ideal if you’re uncomfortable with personal attention (yes, some people really do NOT like this!)

Benefits of Group Classes

Group classes, let’s face it, are less expensive. But apart from that, what’s the scoop?

On the plus side, they’re:

  • affordable (worth repeating)
  • motivating due to group dynamic
  • come with integrated workout buddies
  • better for socializing
  • great for near-daily workouts
  • fun for extraverts

But they also have drawbacks:

  • less personal attention
  • more generic programming (although I try to accommodate unique issues)
  • require more body awareness
  • less targeted

What’s right for you?

Well – that depends. Take a look at the criteria above and assess – honestly! – where you are. You can’t possibly go wrong with 1-1 sessions. Group classes may also be good for you. Or maybe a combination of 1-2 private sessions plus 1-3 group classes is right for you so you can work on the details but still afford frequent workouts?

As a Pilates teacher, my aim is to empower you to heal your body through movement – and to live your best possible life.

So take a moment to reflect. And if you need advice, just reach out. I’ll give it to you straight – no sales-y stuff here.

The most important thing?

Start with private sessions. Start with group classes, Start with duets or trios. But START somewhere!

Because SUCCESS starts with the FIRST STEP!

Questions? Want to try a session or a group class? Still don’t know what’s best for you? Message me! I don’t bite and I’m a straight shooter. I have no interest in “selling” you anything – my mission is to empower you move better, feel better and live your best life – no matter who you are!